Who We are ?

The Fifth Pillar is emerged and founded in 2016 as a nonprofit rights and legal based organization with a mission of strengthening democratic institution in Myanmar. The organization seeks to grantee that every citizen is to enjoy their rights without any kind of discrimination. The organization’s main areas of focus include:

(1) Democratic Enlightenment

(2) Promoting the rule of law

(3) Advancing Social empathy

The organization’s headquarter is in Yangon and branch office is in eastern Shan State, Myanmar and currently has 17 staff members. With a motivation to continue growing and serving more communities across Myanmar, The Fifth Pillar has plans to expand its programming by bringing training, talks, and campaign across the country.

In addition, TFP is one of the active members of Civil Society Organization and Labor Organization Network (CSO-LO) and one of the working group members in advocating for domestic workers law in Myanmar.

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