Youth&Politics (Batch-1)

The Fifth Pillar’s very first batch of Youth&Politics training has been conducted today in a beautiful sunny day. The first batch training took two days in Yangon from 25 and 26 of Feb 2017. As the training was the first batch, the organizer, trainers and trainees were really excited and actively participated in discussion and cooperated to get the training smoothly done.

The first batch of Youth&Politics training was facilitated by Daw Maw Day Myar, Mr. Salai Samuel Hmung and Mr. Nay Win Naing with great passion and putting lots of efforts. The Fifth Pillar would like to thank all the special trainers and participants who invested precious time on the training.

Moreover, TFP plans to provide more training regarding the title,”Youth&Politics” on coming weeks and months. Thus, please, check this website often or follow The Fifth Pillar Facebook Page for coming training announcement and necessary information.

Change_start_with_you !

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