Protest Against Coup

The protest against military coup is rising up across the country and million of people in Myanmar join every day at marching. It is the proof that the citizens of Myanmar exactly voted for the democratic elects but shameless military (Tatmadaw) is still accusing the election fraud that isn’t possible and not a trustworthy reason for this coup. It is obvious that the military suffers power addiction.

Despite of protesting against military coup, the Tatmadaw (Myanmar military) is dare to form a conspiracy group to support this junta called “Country Managing and Administrative Council” in which General-in-Chief, Min Aung Hlaing is the chairman. As everybody, except Tatmadaw supporters knows that administrative council will absolutely lead the country into darkness, the civilian-demonstration to remove military from the country’s leadership position becomes more powerful day by day.

In order to stop the junta’s office functions, civilian staffs are joining the civil disobedience movement meaning not going to offices and protesting the coup. More and more government staffs worked under democratic elect-government have stopped working. However, they are frightened by the military to be punished if they don’t come to work.

Therefore, the participation in civil disobedience movement becomes dangerous for the government staffs and some were kidnapped at night but in the hope of democracy gets re-breath, the responsive action of the citizens is supporting them in a way of protecting and funding to cover their expenses of the month. The international communities are heartfeltly invited to support this civil disobedience movement in order to save the democracy in Myanmar.

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