Military Coup in Myanmar

It was a horrible morning when the people of Myanmar woke up on 1st February, 2021. The communication operator including internet was shut down and there were soldiers at every corner of the main roads. The government offices were surrounded by mass of soldiers. It was also the first day of parliamentary assembly to form a new government by the democratic elects.

However, unfortunately, the Myanmar military led by Gen. Ming Aung Hlaing detained the president U Win Myint, State Counsellor, Daw Aung Sann Suu Kyi and many other prime ministers. The national radio announced that the country’s three branches of power, legislative, governance and judiciary have been handed to General-in-chief, Min Aung Hlaing. It was the day that Myanmar has been fallen into dictatorship again.

Therefore, we, the people of Myanmar including civil service organizations that work for promoting democracy strongly condemn the military coup and reject this junta. So, starting from the day our country’s infant democracy was destroyed by the dictatorship, the Fifth Pillar team has closed the office and been involving the protests against this coup in the love of democracy as well as supporting the Civil Disobedience Movement.

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