Anti-Human Trafficking Awareness Training

On the November and December 2020, The Fifth Pillar has conducted the Anti-Human Trafficking awareness training 14 times in eastern Shan state and Yangon with the intention to raise the legal awareness in the community.

In the training, TFP shared about the history of human trafficking, human trafficking and human smuggling, safe migration, basic legal information and the punishment on the human trafficking. Moreover, TFP notified the community to be able to avoid human trafficking as the human trafficking rate is rising up during COVID-19.

The catechists, members of women affair, members of labor organization, factory workers, representatives from civil societies, ten household, hundred household, ward administrator from government side actively participated and TFP team was happy to share the legal information to 353 trainees in total from all trainings.

As the training period was with the COVID-19, TFP carefully followed the policy and guidelines by Ministry of Health and Sport and also shared the updated COVID-19 information in the training as well as insisted the participants to follow the rules by MOHS.

The Fifth Pillar will select some of those participants and contact them to participate in coming paralegal training and TFP would like to invite any interested person to join our training program by sending message at or directly email at

The Fifth Pillar helps human trafficking victims and offers legal consultation. If you need our service, please do not hesitate to contact us at TFP Hot Line 097 5599 5787(Yangon) and 097 5599 5797 (Tachiliek) or visit to No.301, Building C1, Hninsi St. Hi-way Complex, Kamayut, Yangon, Myanmar or No.4/162 (B), Akazar Yung Lane, San Seng Hka Ward, Tachiliek, Eastern Shan State, Myanmar.

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