Valid and Invalid Votes

The second wave of COVID-19 cases suddenly raises up in Myanmar from 379 to 3015 contractions while the election day (Nov 8) is drawing near and near. The Union Election Commission of Myanmar hasn’t released any changes, only 54 days left to vote for new government. Meanwhile, for the restriction of COVID-19, the citizens are not able to access voter education during this situation and so clarification valid or invalid votes is a talkative in coming election.

The Fifth Pillar would like to share the information of valid and invalid votes by referencing the Union Election Commission Myanmar. These are ways of valid vote. 1) stamping vote on only a single candidate’s name or photo or both. 2) Ticking or Stamping on a single candidate’s space. 3) Stamping or ticking on a single candidate’s line, space, name, photo and all work. 4) Stamping or ticking on a candidate’s space or line 60% turning into is acceptable.

These ways of voting could lead into invalids. 1) Stamping on two candidates’ names or photos or spaces or lines at the same card. 2) Voting card without polling station officer’s signature. 3) Blurred or tattered voting card. 4) Not clear who is voted and so on.

For more virtual information, see and check the pictures below or visit Union Election Commission Myanmar’s website and for current restriction or guideline of health situation, visit Ministry of Health and Sport’s website

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