COVID-19 Prevention Masks Donation

The Fifth Pillar donated Corona Virus Protection Masks to labor brothers and sisters who are working during this COVID-19 crisis on 10 of August, 2020. This activity is a part of Doe Lote Thar program funded by Red Carpet Green Dress and implemented by The Fifth Pillar and Fair Wear Foundation.

Those masks will be directly reached to factory workers by the partner organizations of The Fifth Pillar, Action Labor Right (ALR), Solidarity Trade Union Of Myanmar (STUM), Industrial Worker’s Federation of Myanmar (IWFM), Women Center – Confederation of Trade Unions Myanmar-(CTUM) . And TFP thanks to all the partner organizations for collaborations.

For the Social Empathy program of The Fifth Pillar, TFP always considers and wills to provide generosity to those who in needs. Besides, TFP has provided Cash Assistance to pregnant women from factories during COVID-19 and done masks campaigns for several times. Moreover, TFP has plans to continually promote the Social Empathy program and TFP welcomes both international and local donor organizations to support for the socially caring and sharing activities.

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