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The general election of Myanmar 2020 is going to hold on November, 103 days from now and the Union Election Commission Myanmar has officially announced that the voter lists will be checked and seen for 14 days from 25 of July and 7 of August at the ward/ village administrative office notice boards respectively.

Then, the Fifth Pillar is curious if young people know and are interested in checking their names on the list. Thus, the interview video has been conducted through online with the first time youth voters in order to remind people to check their names on the voter list.

The video is intended to inform the official announcement of voter list by the government. If your name is not included, you can apply for it through form (3). If there is someone who should not be included in the list, you can ask the office to remove his or her name from the list through filling form (4). And if there is something incomplete of wrong information with your name or ID card number, the voter can request the office to re-correct through filling form (4-b).

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