Poverty root causes human trafficking

One of the poorest countries in Asia, Myanmar has been facing human trafficking problem for many decades. Basically, human trafficking is known as selling people but to go beyond, it includes compelled someone to do something, exploitation and so on. Human trafficking is found not only in commercial sex but in restaurants, agriculture, domestic works, entertainments and manufacturing etc.

“Over 600 coerced marriage cases have been found within 5 years” said Mr. Nay Win Naing, programs director of The Fifth Pillar at Anti-human Trafficking penal talk with DVB Live. “The main cause is poverty and scarcity of job opportunity, another push factor is civil war, the last one could be less of education or adequate knowledge on trafficking. At the same time, most of the young people and women want to escape from economic, social and life problem and deceived by the incentives of traffickers that is why they got trafficked” he added.

“Cases in the wake of 2019 are even caused by relatives and parents because the amount given by Chinese businessmen is such a high, thus in some cases victims’ willingness like informed consent are found” said U Nyunt Hlaing, former deputy police officer of anti-human trafficking department in the talk.

The anti-human trafficking penal talk was held on 7 of July 2020 for raising up public awareness, one of the programs of The Fifth Pillar funded by USAID. The Fifth Pillar provides zero charges legal consultation and awareness training regarding anti-human trafficking. Watch the talk at https://www.facebook.com/dvbgolive/videos/322787469122870

Please see at https://thefifthpillar.org.mm/?p=735 for more information or contact us at TFP help-line 09755995787 (Yangon), 09755995797 (Tachileik) or email us at thefifthpillar.tfp@gmail.com


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