Young Ages Girls Escaped from Human Trafficking

14 and 16 years girls from Twan Tay Township, Yangon were deceived by the same villager and brought to work at beauty saloon in Muse, China-Myanmar boarder, Northern Shan State. As a deposit, the girls received 210,000 MMK for travel expenses from Twan Tay to Muse. When the girls arrived Muse, the broker sent them to a massage.

“We got Muse on 31.7.2020 and the senior ladies taught us massaging on the next day, 1.8.2020. After two days, we started working” said 16 year-old girl Mi Mi (Pseudonym). The young girls were trapped in the hands of human traffickers and they lost contact with parents and no permission to go out for 11 days before their parents connected with The Fifth Pillar legal team.

“We had to work for 10 hours from 6:00 pm to 4:00 am at massage and we could only sleep at day time” tremulously said 14 ages little girl Ti Ti (Pseudonym). ” There are many young girls sent by the same broker who called us, among them even under 10 year-ages girls are included, she nervously added.

After a week, the parents were informed about their little girls and tried to bring back them but the broker asked the parents to compensate 610,000 MMK. Thus, the girls’ parents contacted the Fifth Pillar’s Legal team for consultation. And finally, on the 12 of August, the young girls were escaped from human trafficking at massage.

The young girls, Mi Mi is grade 10 student and Ti Ti is grade 8 student at state school. The two girls and their parents were mentored by the legal team of TFP on 13 of August, 2020 after escaping from human trafficking.

The Fifth Pillar provides legal consultation on anti-human trafficking and anyone can contact us for legal aid service and consultation regarding human trafficking at our help line – 09755995787 (Yangon), 09755995797 (Tachileik) or email us at

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